Teamwork stands for working together on a common task. You want to sell or rent your property and we make sure that this process runs smoothly and in your interest.


You will receive from us the utmost care in the things we do for you. Starting with the listing of your property in all portals and the marketing up to the notarization, you can rely on us.


To exceed your expectations and see you happy, we do everything we can to market your property in the best possible way.


You expect everything from us so that we rent or sell your property at the best conditions. Nothing is left undone with us, as soon as you hire us, you can count on us to do everything we can to delight you.


You can be sure that we keep agreements, work solution-oriented and act in your interest.

Problem solver

With us you get the all-round carefree package and we take care of all your concerns to save your valuable time. We take care of the distribution of your property on the Internet as well as the exposé creation and much more.

Performance Guarantee

You expect the best performance. Therefore, we go through the sales strategy with you during the object survey and set a time limit. We guarantee these services with our signature.

Performance Guarantee

You expect the best performance. Therefore, we go through the sales strategy with you during the object survey and set a time limit. We guarantee these services with our signature.

360 degree tour

This marketing technique saves you the hassle of cleaning up before numerous viewings and brings more fun, time and joy into your life because you have much less to worry about and more time for the important things.

3D Visualization

You receive a visual renovation. This convinces your prospects with the highest color brilliance and depth of field. This newfangled technique leads to more potential buyers and higher sales prices.

Drone footage

Drone footage of your property will move you up in the rankings of portals such as Immobilienscout24. Moreover, this is an innovative marketing strategy that will impress your prospects.

Professional photos

With the latest and professional equipment we shoot photos that will impress your buyers. Through the subsequent high-end image processing, the whole thing is rounded off and your property will shine in splendor.

Object video

Upon request, we will provide you with a professional and high-quality property video that will take your property to the next level and gain reach on portals as well as social media.

3D floor plan

You will receive a professional floor plan of your property. In doing so, we individually create concepts for you for the future users such as floor plan design ideas for your property to generate a higher demand from interested parties.


You will receive individual advice that is perfectly tailored to your personal property. In doing so, we address the specifics of the property and strive to give you the perfect feedback.

Social Media

The portals are not the only marketing options these days. Since many spend their time in the social media sphere, we market your property there as well, expanding its reach.


You get from us creditworthy customers who can finance your property. Through our extensive network, you will find a buyer with considerable certainty.

Market knowledge

Through a market price analysis of your area, we can give you the best possible advice on the best possible selling price, as well as the rents in your area and aim for these in the further course, in order to also be one step ahead of comparable properties.

Time saving

You are busy and have little time. A conversation of 20 minutes is enough for us. We do the rest for you, so you can take care of the really important things.

Around the clock

Do you need help or have an objection with your sales strategy? We are available for you around the clock and respond to your needs. Even after the notarization of your property we are always there for you.


We take care of the preparation for purchase and lease contracts so that you receive a legally valid contract.

Credit assessment

For you, we conscientiously take care of the examination of all documents relevant for the determination of creditworthiness and thus ensure for you that the customer is really solvent and that there are no legal disputes due to insolvency.

Energy certificate

You will receive an energy certificate from us, if not already available. You will save both costs and a lot of time for the procurement. Errors that can lead to administrative offenses are also excluded.

Procurement of the documents

You do not need to obtain any of the relevant documents necessary for the sale of your property. We will obtain any documents for you in the process.

Private bidding procedure

This procedure is used to find the fair market price. Each buyer may decide what the property is worth to him and at what price he would be willing to certify the purchase contract. You want to sell as quickly as possible? Then this is the right choice

Organization of the notary appointment

Dieses Verfahren dient dazu den Markgerechten Preis zu finden. Jeder Käufer darf dabei entscheiden, was ihm die Immobilie Wert ist und zu welchem Preis er bereit wäre, den Kaufvertrag zu Beurkunden. Sie wollen möglichst schnell verkaufen? Dann ist das die Richtige Wahl

Organization of the notary appointment

As a client of Bühler Immobilien, you benefit from the fact that we organize the notarization appointment from A to Z and also assist you in the appointment itself up to the last minute and beyond.